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22 December 2011 @ 11:16 am
LOTS OF THINGS, since it's been about five years since this was updated.

1. Both the Leaving Metropolis EP and Echoes of December EP have been uploaded over at myvolcanoradio so, you know. head over there!

2. Over on youtube, Dúné have uploaded 4 live Echoes of December sessions:
Session 1 - Falling Into Pieces
Session 2 - Face Among The Stars
Session 3 - Wait For Me
Session 4 - It Shouldn't Be All

3. Speaking of It Shouldn't Be All, have a (loosely translated) short article!
Dúné's little Christmas EP 'Echoes of December' has the band usual vocalist Mattias Kolstrup while a single track leaves the microphone to the band's keyboardplayer Ole Bjørn. And he does it well. Ole Bjørn fires it with deep, old-school American vocals.

The song is called 'It Shouldn't Be All' and is like the rest of the album at the quiet end. In a press release earlier this month the band had told that it was difficult to persuade Ole Bjørn to sing, but they finally succeeded, and we think, as I said before, he gets away with it.

Rate it yourself. Should Mattias find a new job?


4. Dúné recently recorded a track, Life's What You Make It for the Danish film ID:A. You can download the song here, and watched the music video here on youtube. (Also: behind the scenes of the music video)

5. Mattias was featured on a Filur track, Live and Learn. You can download the song here and watched the music video here on youtube!

6. And every Monday a member of the group updates the blog - check it out!
24 March 2011 @ 07:43 pm
Dúné have released an unplugged version of Dry lips!

We would like to thank everyone who have supported us since we started Dúné in 2001.
It's been a wonderful "10 years" and we're looking forward to many more with your continuous love and support.
Whether it's your first time on our page, or you have been following our course for some time,
we would like to thank you with a free download of a new version of "Dry Lips".
Enjoy and get ready for more!</i>

go here and get it! :)
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05 January 2011 @ 11:31 am
Mattias posted a new blog up on the Dúné site!


I hope you had a great Christmas and a blast of a new year???

I personally spend my Christmas in and around Copenhagen with my family. I had a really cosy Christmas evening with heavy discussions and imaginary presents. My father “gave” me his wish for a lot of magic moments in 2011. Thanks dad. I also got to see my newest almost-nephew for the first time.

I celebrated New Years Eve in Småland in Sweden with my big brothers and 18 other people. It was one of the best New Year parties I ever had. We spend 5 days in the middle of a forest close to a lake and with snow everywhere. Check out my blog mattiaskolstrup.com if you want to see some pictures from up there!

But it’s time to look forward.
What will happen in 2011?

I don’t know all of it yet, but we can promise you that we will release new music. We can’t tell if a full studio album will be released this year; cause we want to write the greatest songs ever written (or something like that at least) before we give them to the world. This time we don’t want to stress anything out. It shall flow like a river, shine like the sun, be cool as ice, hard as steel and as beautiful as Ole naked…. Well…

What’s for sure is that we will be touring. First of all we will rehearse our asses off to deliver the best shows ever at the small German Winter Tour 2011 later this month. We are looking very much forward to play for you all.

Then there’s the summer tour. So far only Danish summer festival have been booked. We are working on booking some European festivals as well, but because of stupid stuff I can’t write here it’s not sure we’ll play any yet. So cross your fingers if you want to see us any other place than Denmark in the summer of 2011.

I will meet up with the others at the rehearsal now!
Bye, bye

They've also put up a new video: Dúné "live" at Stars Und Sternchen

and Mattias has a new blog site, mattiaskolstrup.com
29 November 2010 @ 12:29 pm

Dúné's first festival for 2011 has been announced.

We are pleased to announce that we will be playing the Main stage of Nibe Festival June 30 2011, 6.30pm.

Tickets are for sale here

We are very much looking forward to see you all next year!



We are pleased to announce that Dúné is nominated twice in the 'Hit of the Year' category at this years GAFFA AWARDS with respectively 'Dry Lips' and 'Let Go Of Your Love'.

But we need your help to get the award! So please go to GAFFA/prisen2010, create a profile and vote. We strongly suggest you vote for 'Let Go Of Your love' because it's our newest song!



Todays result at the annual Berlin RockSoccer football tournement: Dúné lost 3 - 6 (3 - 3) in the final to Harthof after penelty kick competition and after kicking ass in the group play and semifinal!

Vlog will be up soon!


They've also been uploading quite a few old videos over on their youtube channel. And all the members (minus Malte) are very active over on twitter so don't forget to follow them :)

And recently Mattias was in a photoshoot: Candice Does Copenhagen which was pretty hilarious for me, anyway :)
16 November 2010 @ 09:49 pm
new myspace blog post!

We are pleased to announce that Dúné is nominated twice in the "Hit Of The Year" category at this years GAFFA AWARDS with respectively "Dry Lips" and "Let Go Of Your Love."

But we need your help to get the award! So please go to GAFFA/prisen2010 , create a profile and vote. We strongly suggest you vote for "Let Go Of Your Love" because it's our newest song!



they also have a new youtube channel! it's dunesitetv and so far they have got four videos up :)
09 November 2010 @ 10:00 pm
new myspace blog post announcing this:

Cecilie Has Left The Band
We are very sorry to announce that Cecilie has chosen to leave the band Dúné after almost 10 successful years. Latest with Dúné’s 2. Ablum “Enter Metropolis” and the following 100 gig tour around Europe.

"My time with Dúné has been amazing. It has been the greatest 10 years of my life. But I have spent half of my life "in the world of Dúné" and it is time to try out something new. From here there are so many ways to go and so many challenges I both musically and personally want to throw myself into. Of course it is a decision full of melancholy, but even more of an excitement and eager for the unknown new adventures that wait ahead. The wonderful times we have had together in Dúné have given my life an infinite value but, for me, the dream that used to carry the work is already outlived. Words can not describe my gratitude to all the amazing people and fans that have been a part of making the Dúné-dream come true. Who knows, we might see each other again!?" – Says Cecilie

We’re gonna miss her huge musicality and her way of controlling us boys, but we are also looking forward to continue as a six piece with the new challenges that give us. We can’t wait to see you all at our gigs in Denmark and Germany this fall and winter, because we will not slow the band activities down a bit. Thank you for the good years Chill! - Mattias, Simon, Piotrek, Danny, Malte & Ole

Check out Cecilies last vlog for Dúné here: http://vimeo.com/16629028

sobs ;___________;
05 October 2010 @ 02:27 pm

New Dúné Remix
The danish metal band Raunchy (Raunchy's myspace) asked us earlier this year to do a feature on their new album “Adiscord Electric”. We did and the song is called “Big Truth”. Now we remixed it and you can hear it on our Soundcloud. It was really fun to do, and definetely something we want to do more in the future...

Our Soundcloud


I uploaded the original track Big Truth featuring Mattias and Ole :)
03 October 2010 @ 11:16 pm

Ticket info:

Go to the LIVE section and click on BUY. Then you will be directed to the sale site.
Alt. you can phone the ticket stores:

Greve, PortalenL +45 43 97 83 00
Arhus, Musikhuset: +45 89 40 40 40
Odense, Posten: +45 70 20 20 96
København, Store Vega: +45 70 263 267
30 September 2010 @ 07:42 pm
So a few months ago Dúné did this whole thing where they gave ~gifts~ to the fans! ...unfortunately I was not paying attention then, so I am unable to locate anything but the vlogs that a super awesome person has uploaded on youtube! except for Mattias' whole thing because Dúné linked direct to his :) (if someone can navigate their site and find them, then a million awesome points for you!)

Part 1: Mattias
Part 2: Malte
Part 3: Simon
Part 4: Ole
Part 5: Cille
Part 6: Danny
Part 7: Piotrek

also don't forget that all the members except for Malte have twitters, which they tend to update a lot!

there is also the group twitter which mostly posts their facebook updates!

also don't forget that you can buy Stages from imusic.dk I'm planning on buying it soon, and if I can figure out exactly how to do it, I can attempt to rip&upload it for those of you are a bit short on money but would still like to see it? Unless somebody else wants to do that :)

I'm going to work on getting this community back up to date again, so please bear with me!
01 July 2010 @ 10:10 pm
And another post! yay!

Dúné - Leaving Metropolis EP
01. Heiress of Valentina (Princess) [Radio Version]
02. The World Is Where We're Heading (Stages)
03. Million Miles
04. Searching for Space
05. Victim of the City (James Kayn Remix)
06. Revelation

Download here! @ myvolcanoradio (comm is locked but membership is open!) :)